The Institute for Energy & Sustainability had a dedication event today for their new EVSEs thanks to  Coulomb Technologies, ChargePoint, and NationalGrid.  The event started in the parking lot:

And then moved inside the Lasry Center for Biosciences, Clark University, Worcester, MA.  A number of industry and political attendees were present including Congressman James McGovern, the President of Clark University David P. Angel, the President of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Dennis D. Berkey, and the President of Quinsigamond Community College Gail E. Carberry, Ed.D.

There was also a nice showing of cars including a Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt (hogging the charger!):

And the soon to be released Mitsuibishi MiEV:

But the Massachusetts BMW Active E owners and local dealer (Wagner BMW in Shrewsbury) put them to shame with five cars attending (sorry - mine is off frame right):

Cool thing I found out on the Leaf - the model the East Coast is now getting is the 2012, which has the battery warmer and cold weather package.  When it launched in 2011 it wasn't available here but - this feature pack is why!

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